10 Camping with Kids Ideas

10 Camping with Kids Ideas


We’ve been taking our kids’ camping for as long as they have been around and we have put together our top 10 camping with kids ideas because, we know how challenging camping with kids can be. Nothing will ruin a camping trip more than kids without enough to do. But we are here to tell you that with a few well thought out plans, you can create a memorable camping experience they’ll remember for a lifetime.

Being able to introduce your children to the great outdoors and showing them that fun can be had without technology is one of the best lessons you can share with them. Watching them discover new things while walking through the woods or throwing a line in the water are skills that will stick with them forever.

However, we also know that kids get bored if not shown how to have fun on their own. Today’s children are so reliant on little black boxes to entertain them; they often need to be taught how to have fun outside.


We’ve spent a good bit of time at campgrounds and have picked up a few tips so here are our top 10 camping with kids tips and ideas we can share with you.

  1. Glow sticks for at night. There are all sorts of games to play as the sun is disappearing. Most importantly, glowsticks are useful for finding the toilet or tree in the middle of the night too.
  2. We have found planning a scavenger hunt keeps our grandchildren busy for an hour or two. They love finding unique things that can only be found while camping.  
  3. Bring a cheap tent or screened room with an outdoor rug. Then, they have somewhere to play, inside and out, that you aren’t worried about. It makes the perfect spot to keep their toys.
  4. Bring “camping only” toys that they only play with once in a while. They will be excited to play with them while you setup.
  5. Have them gather firewood or bring smaller things to set up. If you’re at a car camping park, you could also have them bring lighter stuff from the car to the picnic table. If they feel helpful, they’re usually pretty eager.
  6. Geocaching. As geeky as it may seem, our kids loved it. You’re going on a ‘treasure hunt.’ Get them as near to the cache as possible and let them find it. By far, it has been the easiest way to get our kids to go hiking.
  7. Start a nature journal and draw different things that you find. Spend time learning to tie knots, build fires, identify plants, etc.
  8. We’ve found that biking was enjoyable. They would get on their bikes and ride around the campground for hours.
  9. Bring flashlights for all of them and let them play flashlight tag. 
  10. There is no better place to learn about the stars than during a camping trip. Pick up a cheap star chart and look at constellations at night.