Camping with a Toddler

Camping with a toddler

Camping with a Toddler Tips & Ideas

Crackling fires, the sound of a trickling stream, early morning birds singing, relaxing beside your loved ones…these are the parts of camping that we adore. Getting ready for, and enjoying the adventure of camping with a toddler, can be an entirely different story! However, camping brings sweet memories, intentional family time, and a slower way of life. So, let’s explore how to make camping with our littles a big success!

1. Practice At Home

Depending on the type of camping you plan to do, practicing at home can help them familiarize themselves with the concept. If you plan to take a camper, it will be comparable to home with a bed, an available bathroom, lights and contained in an indoor environment. If you plan to tent camp in a more rugged setting, practice will be even more helpful.

  • Set up a tent at home for a sleepover, so they will be familiar with a tent.
  • Have an outdoor picnic, so they can experience eating without their high chair.
  • Practice using their potty chair in a different setting, other than the bathroom, so they can understand they can use the bathroom.

2. Pick A Safe Area To Camp

From the campground location to the actual campsite itself, make sure you think about how your toddler will navigate, and keep safety a priority! For example, keep an eye on how close you might be to water or traffic, or how close you will be to restrooms (for those midnight strolls).

3. Purchase A Large Tent

There is nothing like a toddler rolling all over your head all night! Be sure to pick a large enough tent so that your little one has enough space to roll around and settle in, and you will get some sleep.

Camping with toddler tent

4. Take Some Familiar Toys

Bring along your child’s favorite toys so that he can play and entertain himself. He will not be interested in fishing, playing corn hole or chatting around a campfire. These can be boring times for kids, so bring along some favorite toys that will allow them to play while you play!

5. Bring Along A Playpen Or High Chair

There will be times when you won’t have your eyes on your toddler. Maybe you are trying to light a fire, or you are preparing a supper to grill, or you just need a few minutes to sit and not chase a baby every moment. Either way, having a playpen or highchair that they can be put into for those times is a wonderful method of keeping them safe until you finish what you need to do, making camping with a toddler a little easier.

Camping with toddler high chair

6. Pack Appropriate Clothes

It can be warm in the day and cool at night. Make sure you pack layers, and plenty of clothes to change, as they will be outdoors enjoying themselves. It is easy for toddlers to kick their blankets off at night, and if it is nippy outside, you don’t want them getting too cold at night. This is a terrific option if you want to keep them covered all night!

7. Have Fun!

Don’t forget that the point of camping with a toddler is to relax and have fun. This campsite flag would be the perfect addition to remind you of this. Don’t get upset over dirt and mess, and the perfect camping experience. Just enjoy your time together and know that you are creating memories that your little ones will always have. So make them count!