Campsite Decorating Ideas

Campsite Decorating Ideas

Have you ever pulled into a campground and started circling the area to find your specific spot, and as you drive by other campers, your eyes are drawn to the attractive campsites? You don’t stop to stare at exactly why that campsite caught your attention, but you know it did. It inspired you, and now, you want your campsite to be just as attractive! If you are a long-term RVer and want to improve the appearance of your campsite, read on for our favorite campsite decorating ideas!

1. Entrance Rug

Nothing says welcome to my door like a welcome mat. There are so many tasteful designs and styles. With camping bringing in plenty of dirt, sand, leaves and other grime, a campsite rug is not only a wonderful addition to your decor, but also a practical way to keep the mess outside!

Welcome mat

2. Camping Tables

In camping, we are bringing the inside out. One of the reasons we love the camping lifestyle is because we love being outside in nature. As we think of decor for our campsite, the goal is not the indoor living spaces, but the outside living spaces. We want a place where we can sit with friends or family, eat, visit or even enjoy the solitude. Make sure your outdoor space has a large enough table to eat at, play games on, and even enjoy your hobbies at. Adding a couple side tables is wonderful for drinks or snacks.

Camping Table

3. Tablecloth

Don’t leave your table tops bare. A tablecloth can add so much personality to a space. With the array of options – both in fabric choices and patterns – you can have much fun flavoring the campsite to your taste. Choose buffalo plaids for a casual, country feel, or crisp white linen for that summer breeze vibe. You can choose from vinyl/plastic tablecloths to real fabric. If you use real fabric, you may want to get a clear liner and put it over it to protect it from the elements. Layer adorable dining ware (even simple plastic plate chargers like these that are weather resistant) that will keep your table ready for company!


4. Seating

Camp seating has come a long way, and you can get enjoyable outdoor seating for your campsite. Choose color and patterns that coordinate with the theme or color selection you want. Camp seating like this will make you never want to move again!

5. Pillows and Blankets

Add some throw pillows and blankets tossed over the back of your camp chairs. You are not only continuing the theme of your campsite with more fabric choices, but you will be thankful they are there on those nights it gets nippy!

6. Dining Canopies or Outdoor Gazebos

Using a dining canopy or outdoor gazebo at your campsite is beneficial if you do not have much shade or if the bugs get unpleasant. It is also helpful to still have a dry spot outdoors for the quick summer showers that show up and leave quickly.

7. Lighting

There is nothing more attractive and inviting in an outdoor setting than a set of string lights hung across your outdoor area. Red lights can help light pathways at night without being so bright. Make sure to use your lights in a way that won’t bother your neighbors at night. Intentional lighting invites laughter, relaxation, and sets the ambience for a delightful evening together.

8. Personalized Flags, Windsocks or Spinners

You want to make your campsite a representation of who you are! You have tastes and preferences in decorating that will be different from others. What you don’t want to do is try to be a copycat of others. Be sure to make your space an extension of who your family is and what you love. One prominent way to do this is custom campsite flags, which will reflect your family’s personality.

9. Flowers

A few potted plants or a bouquet on the table will add a sweet welcome, a pop of color and nature within reach to your outdoors.

10. Outdoor Movie Screen

Want to stand out from everyone else in the campground? Put together a simple outdoor movie screen for evening entertainment, gather the smores supplies and invite the neighbors over for a movie! You will be much appreciated! Don’t want the crowd? Make a smaller version, grab a blanket and cuddle up with the one you love for a night under the stars.

Whatever you choose to do at your campsite to bring style and decor to it, enjoy the process! Make it part of your adventure and take your time to get the exact atmosphere you want to enjoy your space.