Gets a Vehicle Wrap gets wrapped

As full-time RV’ers, we’re living the lifestyle that fits our niche. We drive a lot so it makes sense to get a vehicle wrap. Meaning we walk the walk and talk the talk about RV’s. In my past profession I did my fair share of driving, so nowadays I don’t like to drive more than 3 or 4 hours. 

Stopping so many times means we get to visit many different campgrounds during our “migrations.” We figure it’s just what the owners of this RV themed camping flag business needs. Our customers are in campgrounds. So other than the obvious striking up a conversation and telling an individual about our business how do you spread the word?

If like us you get a vehicle wrap!

Since we’re always on the move, it would be great if we were our own rolling billboard. 

Fortunately for us, we have friends at that can handle such a job. Since this is also our full-time home, we went to the owners’ house and parked in their side yard. The first day all of the measurements were taken and then they went to work on designing mockups for us. gets wrapped

The Choices

We decide on some strategic positioning. My F250 hauls the RV, so we chose to do both sides of my truck. Since it is hooked up a lot, we did not do the back of my truck. The wife’s truck received both sides and tailgate graphics. Since it is the vehicle, we usually use to go exploring and run errands it has the most advertisement. The RV has our logo and Simon on the front and on the back making sure everyone can see him from all angles. We decided this layout would give us the most visibility while traveling and even when it’s parked.

The second day I had to make sure all of the surfaces were clean. So I power washed all the vehicles while the graphics were being printed and cut. 

The next day was application time. All of the wraps went on without a hitch, and they looked great. By about 1:00 we were all done. 

So now all our vehicles are wrapped but what else could we do? Another simple form of advertising is clothing. We had our logo placed on a few different articles of clothing, and off we went sporting our new apparel. gets wrapped

So, if you see us out on the highway or walking around a campground be sure to honk or stop and say hello. We love meeting people who have a passion for the camping lifestyle just like us.