Welcomes Simon Threetoe as Chief PR Director announced and welcomed Simon Threetoe as Chief Press Release Director. Simon is in charge of applying a unique Zen perspective to the PR side of online marketing. Duties also include new product releases, and general comic relief.

Chief PR Director Simon Threetoe

Tracy Fredrychowski, said” I tend to get a little serious, so some comic relief in the office is great.”

As Chief PR Director Simon will be part of the onsite personal for all events and daily activities for He will follow the intrepid journeys in the RV. He will make appearances at all public venues, and show the day to day lifestyle of a full time RV’er. Marketing mediums will use his image as company mascot.

Craig Fredrychowski, CEO, states “Having a new mascot on the team will greatly help our marketing. Don’t get me wrong here, we are very serious about designing and making great RV campsite and camping flags. But we also need something to laugh about every day. Simon will be seen daily on Instagram and Facebook doing whatever he needs to do to get the word out about our product line.

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