Decorate Your Campsite and Enjoy the Starry Nights & Fireflies

Simple ideas to decorate your campsite.

We love our home away from home. We try to decorate our campsite, so it is inviting and welcoming to our surrounding campground neighbors. Nothing compares to the smell of a campfire on a moonlit night. We like to add to the enjoyment of camping by making our campsite ours.

decorate your campsite

How to Decorate Your Campsite

There are endless campsite ideas for decorating on Pinterest. You can use as inspiration to make your campsite uniquely yours. Here are a few ways we decorated our summer campsites this year that made them feel more like home. 

campsite decorating with pillows

It’s easy to pull off cozy with a few simple decorating elements.  A colorful throw pillow in your favorite camping chair goes a long way in creating an inviting outdoor space.

summer camping sayings

Add a little chalkboard that can be personalized with season related messages to welcome visitors into your temporary camping home.

camping quiet spot

Final Touches

Create your very own morning time oasis by decorating a little fold up side table. A space that you can’t help but enjoy nature and your first cup of coffee.

decorate your picnic table

Table coverings take up little room. They are an easy and pretty way to dress up those rather ugly picnic tables. Carry a few different ones with you so you can quickly dress up your picnic table.  Cover the picnic table with a clear vinyl protector and add picnic table clips to keep the covering in place. Even a simple vase of wildflowers or a few candles go a long way in making your picnic table looked dressed up.

dress your picnic table for dinner

Living the Good Life

Just because you’re camping doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a nice dinner in your very own five-star campsite.  Take the time to think about adding a bit of class to your table …your family will love it!

welcome to our campsite flag

simple and fairly inexpensive way to introduce yourself to your neighbors is with a personalized camping garden flag. Whether you want to showcase your hometown or change them up with the seasons, there is no simpler way to decorate your campsite than with custom camping flags to add a bit of your personality to your campsite. Stake your claim on your camping spot and create a conversation starter when meeting your neighbors.

camping decorating ideas

Even propping a bike up against a tree and adding a campsite flag or a potted flower beside it will instantly add a touch of camping flair to your spot.

Take a few extra minutes when you’re setting up your campsite to look around and see how you can add a few simple campsite decorations to your spot that will make your camping experience all that more memorable this year.