Get Ready for an RV Halloween

You don’t have to be a full-timer to do a little Halloween decorating around the campfire.  All it takes is a little bit of time and a bit of imagination to set up your RV halloween decorations. 

rv halloween decorations
Add a few simple decorations to your campsite

Halloween is a great time to be in your favorite campground.  The fall temperatures have cooled things down, the hum of the AC is gone, and the best part is campgrounds are not crowded.

We have a favorite here in SC, and it’s Greenwood State Park on Lake Greenwood.  We not only have the pretty fall colors to enjoy, but we also have the lake views to captivate our minds and relax our souls.

Now, as far as Halloween decorations for your RV go… 

fall decorating for your campsite
Decorate your campsite for Fall

RVs and campsites are not really that large, so a few decorations can give your rig just the right amount of spook for the season. 

Awnings make great places to hang the much-needed spiders and their fake webs.  As you look around your campsite you’ll notice plenty of areas you can add small pieces of Halloween decorations too.  Picnic tables can be Halloween flavored by adding a fall colored table cloth and a few small decorations that will make it scream Halloween.  If you have a skeleton he can sit in any lawn chair and be the perfect guest for the season.

The same theory works with your small tables that go beside the lawn chairs. 

It only takes a little orange and black

Add a base color table cloth in orange, browns, and blacks.  A small tchotchke of BOO or EEK placed beside some gourds, or small pumpkins will set the perfect scary mood.  Halloween themed throw pillows can be picked up at any dollar store fairly inexpensively. One nice bonus about decorating for October is many of the base items can be used next month as well.   And don’t forget to add your favorite campsite flag “Trick or Treat Around The Campfire.”  

Halloween Campsite Flag Trick Or Treat Around The Campfire
Trick or Treat around the CAMPFIRE

It doesn’t take a lot of money or time to add a little Halloween to your campsite.  What are you waiting for? Grab a camping Halloween flag or Fall themed flag here at and make your campsite the talk of the campground!

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