What Do I Need For My New Camper?

What Do I Need For My New Camper?

The day is here. For years, you have been dreaming. Those dreams took feet and you began intentionally saving. You were constantly seeking the best deals and shopping for the greatest savings. And then…you bought it! You are now the proud owner of your own camper! Are you ready for your first adventure? Camping is not as simple as packing a few clothes and taking off down the road. Many times, it can feel like you have had to pack your entire house and garage just to get away for a while to relax! Each camping location is different, camping styles and desires are unique, and knowing what you need to pack in your camper is just as custom. Don’t worry though! We have done the homework for you and will give you a bunch of fantastic ideas that you can then decide what you need or not.

Ready?! Let’s get started!

Set Up

The first area you need to make sure you are prepared for is the initial set-up. Making sure you have a safe campsite is a top priority.

What Do I Need For My New Camper? Set Up

Surge Protector – protect your electronic equipment.

Drinking Water Hose – attach from the spigot to your camper.

Water Filter – make sure the water is clean.

Leveler, Chocks and Rubber Mat Set – stable and sure.

Power Adapter – convert when you need to.

Generator – just in case you need the extra power.


The outside is not only where you will spend much of your time, but also what others observe. We want the items we use outside to be functional, but also attractive. Have fun choosing colors and patterns of items that meet both parameters. Check out this article for an example of a fun idea!

What Do I Need For My New Camper? Outside

Seating – portable and comfortable.

Tables – room to cook.

Lighting – safety at night when it is dark.

Outdoor Rug – clean in our outdoor space which means cleaner inside.

Citronella – candle glow and bug deterrent.

Bug Spray – spray around perimeter of campsite to keep the bugs out.

Bluetooth Lantern/Outdoor Speaker – two-in-one lighting and outdoor sound.

Awning/Shade – adding a little shade and privacy to your awning.

Campsite Flags – personalizing your site to fit you.


No fast food at a campsite! You want to make sure that you, no matter what food you have packed, have a way to keep it safe, cook it deliciously and enjoy eating!

What Do I Need For My New Camper? Cooking Kitchen

Grill – simple outdoor grilling without a fire.

Grill Accessories – all you need to cook.

Lighter – long and easier to reach.

Firestarter – get a little help starting those logs burning.

24 Piece Enamel Dinnerware – if you are going to eat, be cute.

Nesting Bowls – stackable and space saving.

Nesting Cookware – everything stores together in one small space.

Ice Maker – because you just need plenty of ice always.

Cooler – keep those beverages and foods safe and cold.

Coffee Maker – because every day should start with a cup of coffee.


Showering and bathing in our own camper is what we all look forward to! Make sure you have what you need!

What Do I Need For My New Camper? Bathroom

Storage Baskets – hanging, easy to reach and won’t spill while you drive.

Soap Bag – keep your soap in the bag, not sliding all over the bathroom.

Shampoo/ Conditioner – mounted wall dispensers cut out many bottles in small spaces.

Toilet paper (Make sure you have toilet paper made for RVs, so you don’t end up with a black tank disaster)a necessity of life.

Holding Tank Treatment – helps eliminate odors and break down waste and tissue.


Sleeping under the stars, or in your camper, depends on your mood! These supplies will make your nights more comfortable!

What Do I Need For My New Camper? Bedroom

Hammock – a night under the stars.

Wall Hooks – never enough hooks for your stuff.

Storage – simple storage that won’t spill.

Blankets – for those cool evenings outdoors or on your bed inside.

Mattress Cover – keep the critters out of your mattress.

Fans – the sound of a fan and the fresh air blowing on you is a perfect sleeping pill.


Prepare for the worst and hope for the best! You will be glad you stashed these items away if you ever need them.

What Do I Need For My New Camper? Emergencies

Roadside Emergency Kit (includes 13FT Jumper Cables,Winter Traveler Safety Emergency Kit with Blanket, Shovel, Triangle, and  First Aid Kit) – this set covers a LOT.

Flares – keep cars in their lane and away from your parked RV.

Flashlights – a must have for dark nights at the campground.

Tools – Just carry a set. You will need it.

Fuses – be prepared when they blow.

There is no end to the amount of items you could pack camping! However, living simply is one of the great perks of the camping life, so we have tried to cover some essentials in each area you would hang out. Let us know in the comments any favorites you have!